Eparchy Greek Melkite Catholic of Tyre
Bishop Aftimeos Summer (1643-1723)

Born in Damascus in 1643; founded the Basilian
monastic Al makhlsah; he was elected bishop of Sidon
and Tyre and Jabal Amel in late 1682; he passed
away on 27 of the month of November in 1723.
Bishop Ignatius Perotti (1665-1752)

Born in Beirut about 1665 year; became a monk Makhlsaa;
ordained a priest in 1684; he was promoted by Patriarch
Athanasius Dabbas in 1724 to the extent that the
Episcopal andwas ordained in Aleppo Cathedral put hands
Naovireis blessing Halabi Metropolitan of Beirut and
Naovireis Nasri Bishop Sednaya; and appointed successor
Aftimos summer on Sidon and Tyre, while villages of Chouf
and Montenegrowas given to Bishop Basil Finan; denied
Patriarch Silvstroes Cypriot to Arwad Island near Latakia in
Syria for five years, where he tasted different kinds of
torture bitter humiliation humiliating; resigned from the
chair of Sidon in 1752; he passed away on 20 December,
Bishop Andrew Fakhoury (1752-1766)

Born in a neighborhood; became a monk Makhlsaa;
ordained a priest in 1740; in 1752 he was elected
bishop of images; he passed away in the village of al -
Bassa , which was affiliated to the Diocese of images
at the time the year 1766.
Bishop Brthanios Naima (1715-1806)

Born in Safed in 1715; became a monk Makhlsaa;
ordained a priest in about 1750; elected by the
people Images bishop of their city, Gartzm 1765; he
passed away in Pictures 1806
Bishop Basil Atallah (1805-1810)

Born in Deir al- Qamar; Makhlsaa became a monk; in 1805
, he was elected bishop of images; he passed away in
1809 in pictures
Bishop Cyril Baker (1810-1826)

Born in Damascus in 1810; he was ordained bishop of
the Diocese of images 1810; he passed away in 1819
(in 1826!)
Bishop Basil Zakkar (1827-1835)

Born in Damascus in 1827; became a monk Makhlsaa; he
was elected bishop of the city of Tyre in 1827; he passed
away in Aghert which was affiliated to the Diocese of
images at the time the year 1834.
Bishop Ignatius Karout (1835-1854)

Is Nasrallah Karout, was born in Damascus in 1835;
belonged to the monastic Almakhlsah; ordained a
priest in 1824; he was elected bishop of the Diocese
of pictures in 1835, and dedicated to put the hands of
the Patriarch Maximos third on the first of December
1835 Lloyd authors sovereignty Basil Khalil bishop of
Sidon and AGabios Riachy Bishop of Beirut; God
passed away in 1854 in Tyre.
Bishop Athanasius Dyer (1854-1867)

Born in Ma'lea (Upper Galilee) in 1854; became a monk
Makhlsaa; handsome bishop of the Diocese of images in
1854 from the hands of the Patriarch and Bishops Clement
Research and the Apostolic Nuncio to Syria Paulo Brunona
(Paolo Brunoni ), Archbishop Tharona (Tharona )
Emeritus; God passed away in 1866 in Tyre.
Bishop Athanasius Khoam (1837-1886)

Born in Haifa in 1837 , one of the Acre originally;
became a monk Makhlsaa; he was elected bishop of
Tyre and devote putthe hands of the Patriarch
Clement resigned Research and authors of
sovereignty Ignatius Bishop Horan and Thawdosios
bishop of Sidon , on the fifth of April 1867; he passed
away in Tyre in 1886. He Photos Church Cathedral
built on the nameof St. Thomas in 1874.
Bishop Efthimios Zelhof (1851-1913)

Raphael Zelhof born in Damascus on January 12 in 1851;
became a monk Makhlsaa; in 1886, received the Vicariate
in Jerusalem, but after three months of receiving it was
elected bishop of images on June 13 , 1886; toxic
Patriarch and Bishops Basil Haggar and Makarios
mourning. "Well done Hadra Bowl Frankfurt with Majidi
from the third grade to the rule of Mr. Aftimos Zelhof
Archbishop of Tyre." He passed away on November 27 ,
Bishop Maximus Sayegh (1878-1967)

Born Nasrallah , secretary in Aleppo on 20 April 1878;
belonged to Pauline Assembly; ordained a priest on
17 September 1905; appointed deputy bishop
founder Germanos complex in early 1908; elected
President of the Association of Pauline in July 20
years from 1912 to 1919; appointed by the Patriarch
Archbishop Photos Demetrius judge and was
ordained on August 31 , 1919; transferred to the
presidency of the Archbishop of Beirut and Jbeil and
dependencies on 30 August 1933; later he was
elected Patriarch of Antioch , on 30 October 1947 as
the Maximus IV; and cardinals in the February 22,
1965; he passed away in the fifth of November 1967
in Beirut.
Bishop AGabios Noam Abu Rujaili (1882-1967)

Known Bogabaos Noam; born in the valley of the
monastery on the first of August 1882; belonged to the
monastic Almakhlsah; ordained a priest on the eighth of
September 1907; Chem literary and theoretical theology at
the seminary in der reliever John school; in 1922, he was
appointed vice - year - old on the Diocese of Acre; elected
president - year - old on the eighth of December 1928
(07.11.1927); elected by the Holy Synod of the Diocese
bishop Mitrobolita images on the third of November 1933;
and was ordained in Beirut on the third of December 1933;
resigned on 15 October the first in 1965 andwas named
archbishop of Tarsus honor; he passed away at the
beginning of May 1967.
Bishop George happiest Haddad (1924-1985)

Born in a hostel on March 14 , 1924; ordained a priest
onthe massacres of the Diocese of Beirut on 25 June
1948; became a teacher at the seminary in Rayak for
one year; then appointed a servant of souls in my
pasture Hamana and Falougha, and president of the
free Episcopal School oven nets; served as Secretary
passwords for metropolitan Beirut with the parish of
St. John the Golden service mouth; elected by the
Holy Synod bishops on a chair images on 30 July
1965; handsome bishop on a chair pictures on the
fifth of September 1965; he passed away in Beirut on
December 30 , 1985. Hewas buried in St. Paul 's
Church in Harissa; then later transferred to Tyre.
Bishop Gregoire Haddad (1924-1988)

McCain was born in the West market (above) in 1924,
inthe evangelical conservative family; ordained a priest to
servethe Diocese of the massacres of Beirut, on 20 March
1949; and appointed a secretary and then vice - year - old
on the Archdiocese of Beirut. And attracted to work in the
social field,and founded several associations to meet the
needs of the diocese in this area. Since 1951, was
appointed deputy Osagvia years of social affairs and
charities and business apostolic in the diocese of Beirut;
on the fifth of September 1965, bishop assistant to the
bishop of Beirut Phillips Nabah; Sim was elected bishop
emeritus of the city of Palmeiras; then behind Bishop
Phillips Nabah decision of the Synod in 1967; he resigned
from his responsibilities in the Episcopal Synod in 1968,
and began making all of its activities for the sake of social
movement founded; in 1987 had temporarily premeditated
Patriarchal Diocese of images for a year.
Bishop John happiest Haddad (1926-2004)

Jean Assaad Haddad was born in a hostel on 17
December 1926; ordained a priest at the Diocese of
Beirut on the second of July 1950; he was elected
bishop of the Diocese of images, succeeding his
brother , Bishop George, and was ordained in the
Church of St. Paul in Harissa in the November 27
1988 ; resigned because of legal age.
Bishop George Bakona (1962-2014)

Born in Beirut on May 16, 1962; ordained a priest in 1995;
he was elected bishop of the diocese of Tyre, was
ordained in the Church of St. Paul in Harissa on Sunday ,
November 27 2005; elected by the Holy Synod Mitrobolita
the Diocese Photo successor to Bishop John Smith in June
22 2005; re - elected to the Diocese.
Bishop Mikhail Abrass was born in Aleppo (Syria) on 14 December 1948.

After his primary studies at the College of St. Nicholas in Aleppo, he continued his secondary studies at the
Seminary of St. Anna in Rayak (1960-1967); He became a monk in the Basilian Order Alepin, presented his
temporary vows on Saturday, September 4, 1969; He studied philosophy at the University of the Holy Spirit in Kaslik
(Lebanon) where he obtained a degree in philosophy. Then he did his theological studies in Rome at the University
of the PP. Jesuits the Gregoriana (1973-1977); Then he graduated in Liturgy from the PP. Benedictines at
Saint-Anselme in Rome (1977-1979). On his return to Lebanon, he made his perpetual vows and was ordained
deacon in February 1980; Then a priest at Aleppo on 11 April 1980. He became director of the Renaissance school
in Bmekine (Aley-Lebanon) until September 1983. He then held various monastic duties (superior of the seminary of
Saint-Sauveur in Sarba, pastor of Broumana, Director of the alpine seminary in Rome, then again in Sarba, superior
of the Convent of the Virgin in Ras-Baalbeck and superior of convent Saint-Sauveur in Sarba ...); Elected
archbishop of Myre in 2006, he becomes patriarchal auxiliary in Raboueh. At the Synod 2014, he was elected
metropolitan of Tyre